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Рыжеволосость и неандартальтсы, вопрос специалистам.


Red-Heads and Neanderthals

According to research at Oxford University red hair, fair skin and freckles stem from Neanderthal ancestors. Rosalind Harding, of the John Radcliffe Institute of Molecular Medicine, stated, “The gene is certainly older than 50,000 years, and could be as old as 1000,000 years. An explanation is that it comes from the Neanderthals.”

The newspaper Metro reported that scientists believe Neanderthals to have overlapped with Homo Sapiens and interbred, passing on the 'ginger gene'.

Ten percent of indigenous Scots are red-haired, while another 40 percent are supposed to carry the gene. The first Neanderthal bones were discovered in Europe and the first whole skeleton in Germany, so the explanation is faily concievable. Besides providing a politically incorrect explantion for why certain people can have ‘fiery tempers’, the research is said to hold both anthropological and medical promise.

40%+10%=50%, это получаеццо, што шотландцы наполовину неандартальцы?

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